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Selections CMBL "A" TEAM

Remaining Season Selections (as at 5th June)

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15th June Home v Chelmsford 'B'

Brian                     Val

Eddie                    Tony

Jenny                    Mike

Jean                     Jim

Equipment: Jean & Mike,  check in: Tony.

22nd June Away v Danbury 'B'

Eddie                       Val

Dave                     Rex

Mike                     Tony

Jean                     Jim

Thursday 24th June CUP MATCH v Danbury 'C'

At Home team                                                                 Away Team

Eddie                                                                                   Val

Dave                                                                                    Rex

Mike                                                                                    Tony

Jean                                                                                    Jim

Reserves: Norman & Mel

29th June Home v Maldon 'B'

Eddie                             Rex

Norman Bunce              Val                    

John Friend                   Tony

Jean                              Jim

Equipment: Val & Tony,  check in: Tony.

6th July Home v Baddow 'C'

Brian                   Rex

Eddie                  Tony

Mike                   Jenny

Jean                  Jim

Reserve: Val

Equipment: Jim & Brian,  check in: Tony.

13th July Away v Witham 'A'

Brian                   Eddie

Dave                   Norman

Mike                   Tony

Jean                   Jim


20th July Home v Ingatestone 'A'

Brian                   Val

Eddie                  Rex

Mike                   Jenny

Jean                  Tony

Reserve: Jim

Equipment: Val & Tony,  check in: Tony.

27th July Away v Stock 'B'

Brian                    Val

Eddie                   Rex

Jenny                   Tony

Mike                    Jim

3rd August Away v Chelmsford 'B'

Rex                     Val

Eddie                  Tony

Dave                   Mike

Jean                   Jim

10th August Home v Danbury 'B'

Brian                  Val

Eddie                 Rex

Jenny                Tony

Mike                  Jim

Equipment: Eddie & Rex, check in: Tony

17th August Away v Maldon 'B'

Brian                  Val

Eddie                 Rex

Jenny                Tony

Dave                  Jim




CMBL match selection 25th May 6.15pm at HOME v Witham 'A'

Skips:           Brian Hyland                   Rex Hobbs

3rds:             Dave Woods                   Jim Collins

2nds:            Jenny Hyland                  Christine Shrubb

Leads:           Mike Yates.                    Eddie Dennison 

N/A:             Val & Tony.
Recovery:   Jean & Wyn

Duties please:   Cleaning and putting out equipment:   Brian & Dave.
                           Arrival check in:   Jenny.

Any problems phone: Tony  07970 143022

CMBL Selection 1st June 6.15pm AWAY to Ingatestone A

Skips:     Brian Hyland                   Val Dalton

3rds:       Dave Wood                     Rex Hobbs 

2nds:      Eddie Dennison             Tony Dalton

Leads:     Mike Yates                     Jim Collins

Reserves:    Jenny
Recovery:    Jean & Wyn

CMBL Selection 8th June 6.15pm HOME to Stock & Buttsbury ‘B’

Skips:  Brian Hyland                    Val Dalton

3rds:    Eddie Dennison               Rex Hobbs

2nds:   Jenny Hyland                 Tony Dalton

Leads:  Jean Lawrence              Jim Collins     

Reserve:    Mike Yates

Recovery:  Wyn Phillips 

Duties:       Rink set up/cleaning: Rex & Eddie.          Check in: Val.