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Reports CMBL "B" TEAM

I started off the evening by having a phone call just as I was leaving for the game Mike Field

had to take Sue to hospital, but my luck was in when Tony Martin agreed to play. A big thank

you to Tony for stepping in at such short notice.

Our game against Writtle looked set to be a good win on Chris Garnett rink we were winning

16 - 9 up at end 13 then we could not get off of 16 for 4 ends and we ended up losing by 1 shot

while on Brian Griffiths rink they were 3 - 14 down at 11 ends and ended up losing 16 - 23.


Our 4th game in this league was against Danbury ( we only have 8 games)

I started off the day with Derek phoning to say that he was unable to play

followed by Michelle who was also unable to play, I managed to get two

reserves Tony and Helen and wish to thank them both for playing at short notice.

I would also like to say how good it was to see Brian back playing.

We sadly lost on both rinks with Brian's team losing by 8 and Chris's team

losing by 12.




Only our 3rd League game and we are against the top of the table Stock C

Michelle, Derek, Dee  & Chris had a lovely start being 15 - 0 up after 6 ends

and carried on the good work to finish 28 - 17

Helen, Chris, Mike & Lynn where not quite so lucky but finished at a

reasonable score of 15 -20 and we achieved the bonus for the first time.

Well done all.


Yet another lovely sunny evening to play bowls at Gt Baddow

with all 6 rinks in use.

Michelle, Derek, Dee & Chris after 5 ends were 5 - 1 down but managed to

pull back to win 20 - 17 well done, unfortunately the other team of Helen

Penny, Mike and Roy lost 29 -



What a lovely evening to start our CMBL 6 1st league game

Michelle, Derek, Dee & Chris were 10. 0 up on the 5th  end and ended up with an incredible score

of 27 - 14 we thought

the bonus points were in the bag, but alas Pennty, Terry, Mike and Roy were very

unlucky, being only 1 point adrift at 14 ends Roy managed to score 1 shot on the last end to make their

score 14 - 27 so the match was drawn. Very friendly and enjoyable evening, even if we did have to park

an increditbly long way from their club.