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Reports CMBL "B" TEAM

Tuesday 18th May   South Woodham Ferrers  "B"      Away

Our first outing of the season took us to South Woodham Ferrers.  The home team always will have an advantage but this  is exagerated when they play on a green with a synthetic surface.    Having said this I felt that we performed well albeit losing on both rinks.

Ken Pipe's Rink ( Carole Phillips, Dave Osborne, and Dee Bates}  behind from the start came back well towards the end of the match losing 13-18

My Rink (Chris White, Michelle Dixon, and Wyn Phillips) managed to keep,up with the opposition for the first ten ends but then faded away dropping a 5 on the fourteenth and finished on the losing side 14-23.

This result does not carry any league points .

David Palmer




Tuesday 24th May    Hall Street    Home

A very satisfactory result given that both rinks were struggling during the first half of the match.  The playing conditions were not easy with the green being quite heavy after the downpours of rain during the previous 36 hours.

Brian Griffiths' rink (Chris Willingdale, Tony Martin, and Lyn Martin found themselves down by 9 shots after ten ends but recovered extremely well to win by a single shot 17-16

My rink (Mike Seviour, Michelle Dixon, and Dee Bates) found themselves in a similar position trailing by 8 shots at the halfway stage, but again recovered well winning seven consecutive ends to emerge as winners 19-14

Unfortunately again this tie carries no league points, the league programme commencing next week when hopefully we can repeat this evenings form

David Palmer

Tuesday 31st May  .v. Lionmede    Away   Won 6-2

Not a great start to the evening !   Stepping on to the green I misjudged the depth of the drop and severely twisted my already painful right knee.  After just one attempt to deliver a wood on the trial end I knew that I could not proceed.and therefore had to retire

This left Lyn to skip a triple (Tony Martin and Wyn Phillips ) against their rink.  Always in command with good bowling by all players we led 14-4 after ten ends, but knowing that we were going to have to concede 25% of our score. The opponents clawed their way back winning six of the remaining eight ends. With the final score 16-15 in our favour, after allowing with the penalty our shots were reduced to 12, hence we lost 12-15.

Brian Griffith's rink (David Barrett, David Johnson, and Dee Bates) finding themselves 4 down after the first four ends, with some quality bowling that followed, especially by David Barrett leading, they hardly ever looked like losing, emerging winners by 5 shots 17-12.  This  gave us the margin required to gain the bonus and secure a win. 

Considering our depleted team this was an excellent result and it augers well for the rest of our league programme. 

David Palmer

Tuesday 7th June .v. Mill Lane    Away    Lost 28-52     0 points

I cannot give a full report as I am currently on holiday.  Although we lost this match we were away against newcomers to the league of whom nothing was known regarding their strength, and our team selection was very much affected by the number of squad members being unavailable or unwell. In fact we struggled to find enough players to make up a team,  I would like to congratulate our team for their efforts and I am grateful to those members who stepped in at the last moment.

Mike Seviour's rink (Michelle Dixon, Wynn Phillips and David Johnson) lost 17-28

Derek Dowling's rink (Catherine Barrett, Chris White and David Barrett) lost 11-24

David Palmer

Tuesday 14th June .v. Gt. Baddow "D"   Home    Lost 28-48   0 points

Again I cannot give a full report as I was away on holiday;

Ken Pipe's rink (Michelle Dixon, Chris White, and Dee Bates ) lost 15-20

Lyn Martin's rink (Tony Martin, Chris Willingale, Wyn Phillips) lost 13-28

Tuesday 21st June .v. South Woodham Ferrers "B"    Home   Match Drawn   39-39    4 points

Our team selection was very much hampered by the sick list of available players.  Brian Griffiths (Covid) Ken Pipe (injured hand) and myself (damaged knee ligaments).   In spite of this we battled supremely well and the result of the match was on a knife edge until the final wood was delivered.

Dee Bates' rink (Michelle Dixon, Mike Seviour, and Wyn Phillips) were always playing catch up. Finding themselves behind 16-5 after eleven ends they came back strongly to be only three shots down after sixteen. Sadly they were unable to sustain this recovery, but scored a very important two on the final end.  

Lyn Martin's rink (Chris Willingale, Tony Martin, and David Barrett) were always in command in their match but needing two shots on the last end to secure the bonus points, and holding three, the opposing skip managed to draw second wood, hence the drawn match. 

Our season has not got off to a good start but 4 valuable points were gained this evening which hopefully will enhance our league position.  

David Palmer

Tuesday 28th June  .v. Hall Street    Home   Lost 35-38    2 points

After last week's draw we suffered another disappointing defeat in a match which could have gone either way with the scores level before both rinks played the final end.  Unfortunately we both narrowly lost that end.  

Ken Pipe's rink (Wyn Phillips, David Johnson, and Dee Bates) played a very tight game up to ten ends with only a single shot scored on every end and the scores level at 5 all. Sadly winning only one end of the next ten they found themselves with a deficit of eleven shots after eighteen, the final score being 9-18

My rink (David Barrett, Tony Martin, and Lyn Martin) got off to a flying start winning the first end by 7 shots.  Consistent play throughout saw us winning by 10 shots after eighteen, Holding four on the nineteenth and it was looking like the bonus points would be ours but a wicked wick by the opponents gave them shot, The final score was 26-20..

All credit to Hall Street, a club with only 10 members.  They are to be congratulated for turning out a team every week from this small membership.

David Palmer