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Reports Basildon "C"

Date: 10th September 2021  .  Opposition : Wickford   Result : Defeat

The last match of our season did not start well. One player was a little late and while we were aware of this the opposition were keen to start rather than wait the extra 10 minutes. My offer of one shot on first two ends was rejected as was a match of 15 end hence we finished in extremely poor light with one rink only managing 17 ends. In the circumstances it was not in the spirit of the game and not even the offer of tea !.

RInk 4 Lost 13-17

Rink 5 Lost 10-18

Rink 6 lost 10-16

Thank you bowlers for playing in such conditions


Date: 3rd September 2021  .  Opposition : Runwell Hospital   Result : Defeat

A beautiful summer's evening,a unique green and a friendly opposition saw our team have an enjoyable match but alas a defeat

Rink 2 : Penny,Tony, Brian   lost 23-11 on shots and  11-7 on ends

Rink 3:Steve  Gill, Dave, lost 10-20 on shots and 5-13 on ends

Rink 4  Lynn, Mike, Ian  lost 16-11 on shots and 12-6 on ends

Date: 27th August 2021  .  Opposition : HUTTON POPLARS   Result : Win

A beautiful summer's evening,a very fast green and a friendly opposition saw our team secure a convincing victory

Rink 2 : Penny,Tony, Lynn   won 26-6 on shots and  13-5 on ends

Rink 3 Gill, Dave, Steve lost 13-20 on shots and 8-10 on ends

Rink 4  Lorraine, Mick, Ian won 23-13 on shots but drew on ends

Well done team .

Date: 6th August 2021 .  Opposition : FOBBING AND DISTRICT   Result : defeat

Not an auspicious start when I could only find 8 bowlers so Fobbing agreed to lend us their reserve who was making the tea. The ground looked better than before BUT compared to ours it was very heavy with some quirky characteristics which made judging lines quite a challenge. Needless to say we were beaten although the match was enjoyable and the weather kind

Rink 1: Penny,Tony, Lynn  Lost 10-25 on shots and 6-12 on ends

Rink 2: Lorraine,James,Brian G Lost 11-26 on shots and 7-11 on ends

Rink 3;Michelle , Tony Cox(Fobbing), Mick C  Lost 26-6 on shots and 4-14 on ends


Date: 30th July.  Opposition : MEMORIAL PARK   Result : defeat

Our first league match of the season was not the result  we hoped for but nevertheless was a much enjoyed game. The weather was dry although the rinks were heavy following the earlier rain. We also welcomed a new Lady bowler to our squad-Sue Farmer- and she bowled well so hope she becomes one of our regulars.

Rink 3 Michelle,Sue,Mike F  lost 13-15 on shots and 7-11 on ends

Rink 4 Penny,Tony M , Lynn  lost 14-21 on shots  but drew 9-9 on ends

Rink 5 Steve N, James C and Mick C lost 7-20 on shots and 5-13 on ends

Thank you all for your effort


Date: 9th July 2021.  Opposition : MEMORIAL PARK   Result : defeat

Despite the monsoon conditions our dedicated bowlers turned out for the friendly match at the newly refurbished Memorial park.

It was a close fought match where we drew on one rink 16-16 but narrowly lost on the other two 16-15  and 18-15.

Date: 14th May 2021.  Opposition : SPRINGHOUSE   Result : defeat

The weather was kind and the opposition friendly and as eager to bowl as we were. With Covid rules established we had a very enjoyable game so well done everyone! :-)

Rink 2: Gill, Tony,Lynn won 19-18  

Rink 3: Steve,Michelle,Mike lost 4-31

Rink 4 :Dave, Penny,Ian  lost  11-21