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Reports Basildon "A"

Thursday 9th September, v Sth Benfleet 'C' - Home, Won 3-0, 65-35

Our last match, brilliant sun, then nasty clouds but a good way to finish the season with a convincing win against a side that nearly beat their own club's 'A' team.    Thanks for everyones support this silly half season and of course we remain in Basildon's top division for 2022.

Jean, Jenny and Brian shared the ends with the opposition but scored more heavily, including ditching the jack on end 15 with a 6 shot turnover.  Tighter than the score suggests but a 21-14 win

Tony, Val and Gary were in excellent form, all getting in some brilliant shots, including two 5's.  A comfortable 27-8 win.

Jim, Dave and Terry also shared the ends in a tight match, which was 13 all on the 15th.  However we finished better so a clean sweep with a 17-13 win.


Thursday 2nd September Sth Benfleet A, Away lost 1-2, 37-52

Dave, Jim and Terry (skip) in good form against arch enemy Andy Eva and at half way 10-1 in front though the ends were tight.  The opposition only won 5 ends in the match but this included three 3's so the final score wasn't too far apart - us winning 16-11

Jean , Tony and Val struggled against a good team, with us only winning 5 ends and conceding a 5 on end 4 - a loss of 7-24 at the end.

David Barrett, Jenny and Brian - thanks to new member David filling in at short notice and acquitting himself well at this, Basildon's highest league level.  A close game with scores only one or two shots apart throughout  and us winning 10 of the 18 ends, but Sth Benfleet including three 3's.  At 12 all after the 15th end we slipped a 2, and on the 17th the opposition skip saved 2 by running the jack into the ditch for a three up - game over!   We put five woods in the head for the last end but a save came in so we only scored 2 - a loss of 14-17.




Friday 6th August v Sth Benfleet , Home - cancelled as green waterlogged.  

This match may not be re-arranged.  Selections for the last four games are posted on the selection menu.


30/7/21 v Burnham Hillside, Writtle Hospital Cup, Away, loosing on total shots.

Desasterous travel arrangements with accidents, shut roads and bad weather but fortunately the match was played in cloudy but rainless skies.  Two close rinks and a great atmosphere with excellent refreshments afterwards.  Thanks very much to Lorraine and Catherine for standing in for this cup match which required a minimum of four ladies - you all performed well.,    

Brian, Jenny, Catherine Barrett and Graham had a fun and close game - 16 all at the 19th.   Lost 2 on the 20th when the match was conceded.

Gary, Eddie, Lorraine Colla and Jim had a very close match, most ends only1 scored and the final result a 14 all draw.

Val,Rex, Tony and Johnstuggled winning only 6 ends - a 8-22 loss.





29/7/21 v Rayleigh, Home, Loss,  1-2 rinks, 55-42 points, 3-4 league points

Brian, Jenny and Graham level at 9 all on 12th end but the loss of two 3's cost the game - 11-17

Gary, Eddie and Jim were completely untroubled; their opponents only winning 4 ends. Final score 30-5

Val, Norman and Tony along way back after 9 ends but rallied towards the end so losing only by 14-20.

 The bonus point won comfortably but it doesn't auger well for our meeting with them in the Murrayfield cup


23/7/21 - v Runwell Hospital, Away, win 2-1 rinks, 70-43 shots, 5-2 points

Beautiful warm clear blue sky evening, blustery wind occasionally affecting the bowls and a slightly heavy but accurate green.

Brian (skip), Jenny and Graham eased into a comfortable 13-2 lead by the 7th, then got stuck for 6 ends with the opposition pulling up to only one shot behind.  We all woke up, Graham and Jenny started to get a good length and so cruised away to a 25-13 win

Terry, Jim and Dave crushed their opponents throughout and aided by some 4's and a 5, won 28--12

Norman, Eddie and Tony faced a much tighter game, within a shot or two throughout and completed the penultimate end one shot ahead for the opponents to steal the match with a 2 on the last - a 17-18 loss.


2nd Round Murrayfield Cup v Wickford, Home , win 51-41 - Quarter final.

Lovely bright evening, a good standard of bowling and thanks to all our team, especially ladies for juggling the attendance around the Albert Crabbe event played that afternoon.

Gary, Brian and Graham ahead 13-3 by the 8th end but then stuck on 1 for 6 ends, with Brian having a particularly out of sorts game and Gary having to save. The opposition caught up 15 all on the 17th end and snatched victory on the last 15-17

Jim, Dave and Terry were in a very tight game throughout, 10 all at the 11th. A three  on the 14th   gave the opposition the edge , who then ran out winners 13-15

Val, Norman and Tony were in a different league to the opposition, 12-0 ahead after only 4 ends.  After that the scores ticked over, mainly single shot win ends and the crushing victory of 23-9 gave Billericay a comfortable overall win.  The semi final follows to be played by 25th August.



15th July, v Castle Point, home, lost  on all 3 rinks, 52-62 shots, 0-7 points.

Our first match in the halved Basildon league, very good opposition and though beaten on all rinks, it was pretty close at the end.

Gary, Graham and Tony had a terrible start 1-16 down after only 6 ends.   From then on a much better performance and final score 19-21.

Brian, Eddie and Jean got off to a good start , 8-1 after 4, but the opposition controlled the match in the middle sector with a 4 and three 3's with us stuck on 10 shots for 7 ends,   An even last third and we lost 15-21.

Terry, Dave and Jim shared the ends with the opposition and the teams were never far apart.  Gaining a five on the 13th and leading by 4 shots should have put us in good stead but then dropping a four on the 16th end and then two singles  cost us the game - final score 18-20