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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports Basildon "A"

30/8/19 v Ford Sports, home, won 5-2, 58-52

Last match and slight panic with Barbara not well on the day but in stepped Terry.

Dave W, Terry and Val behind at the start but steadily caught up then drew away to win handsomely, 22-10

Jean, Jenny and Brian also behind at the start (0-6 after 3), but turned it round by half time and changed up a gear to win 23-13

Peter, Wyn and Rex face a good team and started very badly with a loss of two fives. Recovered to 13-14 by the 11th end, but failed to score again - a loss of 13-29.    However the gap was small enough to give us the bonus point by 6 shots.

We have finished in 4th place in the league - in a packed middle order of the league.    The result however is significant in that we have relegated Ford Sports , the only artificial green club in this league.  




15/8/19 v Wickford  away, won 7-0, 73-40 shots
A comfortable win, under Captain of the Day, Norman Bunce. with many of the usual team on holiday.
27-10 Dave G, Barbara and Jim
We thought Dave wasn’t turning up, as he had read the team selection in the club house that said it was a 6 o’clock start. He was on his way when we phoned him, so he only missed the trial ends.
The team had a good start with a 1 and a 4, then the opposition got a 1 and a 2. But from then on they only managed 3 singles and a 4 on the 17th end. We won 12 of the end with a 5 on the 13th end. 

24-17 Peter, Wyn and Dave W
Again a good start with a 2 and 1, but the the opposition got a 3 to make it 3 all. Then Billericay got 11 shots in 4 ends to make it 14-3. The opposition then attacked and it was now 14-13, but Billericay counter attacked and got two 3’s making it 20-13. Billericay and Wickford picked up another 4 each in the last 6 ends to finish 24-17

22-13 Tony, Norman and Val
Very poor start by Billericay by dropping a 2 and a 4. It was 3-8 by the 6th end then we got 5 shots to make it 8 all. Tony and his opposite had a good steady game. Val and her opposite had a tight game with some firing shots which Billericay come out the best. Norman filled in the gaps. Wickford only managed to get 5 more shots on the remaining 12 ends against our 14 shots giving us a finish of 22-13. 

9/8/19 v South Benfleet A, away,  lost 2-5; 43-59

Playing a team near the top of the table away, was always going to be difficult on a wild and windy night, but a good green. A great effort by everyone, especially on a night with no reserves.  Thanks to you all.   We are still in 3rd position, but others have a match in hand.

Dave W, Jenny and Brian faced three men but Dave and Jenny played brilliantly to keep us ahead 9-7 at tea.  After that it rained for a while, but Jenny kept stealing the shot with some amazing woods and we got to the last end 16-15 up and the shot changed hands several times with us holding as the skips bowled.   Brian tried to block yet again - yet again badly; and the opposition skip went for weight in a s**t  or bust effort but failed badly, giving us a five - an excellent 21-15.  Very well done.

Tony, Norman and Val found the opposition too hot, managing to win 5 ends for a 25-12 loss

Peter, Wyn and Jim also had good opposition  managing 6 ends for a 10-19 loss.

2/8/19 v Rayleigh A, Away - won 5-2, 55-52

A shock win with strange swings against the team at the top of the division and keeps us in the top half.   With  two of our triples romping away with big leads and the other being well down, it suddenly all switched and we ended up with being caught for two drawn rinks and turning round the other loss to a win.   Great result and thanks especially to Terry and Dave Goodall to turn out to compensate for unavailable bowlers.

Dave G, Jim and Terry17-6 up after 9 ends, the opposition waking to go 1 shot ahead at the end of the 17th and us snatching the last end for a very enjoyable 20 all draw.

Tony, Norman and Val just ahead at half way and 1 shot ahead for the last end.   The opposition looked like holding the shot (very close measure), with just Val's last wood to be played, and an almost impossibility of improving the position - so last wood not played, conceding one shot and another halved game, 15 all.

Jean, Jenny and Brian failed to score on the first 4 ends, and were two behind at half way.   A 4 and a 3 in the second half meant 20-13 with one end to play and the 7 shot cushion was needed as the opposition rallied with 4 shots, but we won 20-17 and with that, the bonus point.  

26/7/19 v GP Murrayfield Home - won 5-2; 47-27

We started the match on two rinks with Murrayfield waiting for their last man to turn up on the third.  However he didn't show as 6.30 approached  so we only played two triples - the same as when we played away.   Apologies to Peter, Wyn and Val who wasted an evening.

Jean, Jenny and Brian always in front, losing just 4 ends to win 20-9.  Rink 4, colour white and playing very strangely, both sides not mastering it.

Jim, Norman and Gary had good opponents dominating the first half, , score being 5-14.  Billericay were in charge for the second half, losing only two ends but the damage had been done - final score a loss of 17-18.

2 points and 10-0 shots on the unplayed rink meant a 5-2 win.

18/7/19 - v Castle Point away, won 7-0, 55-40

It was a sunny evening, with some slight rain the previous evening, but this did not stop Castle Point putting down mats. There were mats on a Ladies County match being played on one of the rinks and they were not happy either.
Val, Norman and David Goodall had a steady game and ended up winning 18-13
Terry, Dave and Barbara won their game on the last end 18-17
Rex, Wyn and Peter lead all the way with a 19-10 win
This gave us an overall score of 55-40 and a well earned 7 points
Well done to all the teams

12/7/19 v Ford Sports away - Lost 2-5; 53-64

The artificial green of Fords always give us a problem but at 9 ends we were winning on all rinks, 6 shots ahed.   But it slipped away so only 2 points to keep us mid table.

Peter, Dave and Terry ahead  till Fords levelled at 17 all on the 16th end.  2 to us on the 17th, but a three dropped on the last - losing 19-20 - very  good effort.

Jean, Jenny and Brian started badly, 0-10 after 4 ends.   Then by half way and tea were 13-11 up.  The break proved disastrous , with only one more score, bowling well below the opponents standard and a 16-30 loss.

Jim, Norman and Val slowly built a good lead - 13-6 at the 12th end, but Fords scored on four successive ends to get into the lead.  A Billericay four on the 17th was decisive and we ran out winners for our only points at 18-14. 

5/7/19 - v Sth Benfleet B, home  - lost 2-5; 50-57

Lovely summer evening, ideal for bowls, just a tricky setting sun towards the end.  Benfleet performed as expected and edged the match with some good bowling.

Tony, Norman and Val shared the ends up to half way, but were 11-6 up following a 5 on the 5th.     The opposition closed the gap to 1 with a 4 on the 13th end, but we immediately hit back with a 3 and finished better, an excellent win 19-14, despite Benfleet winning 10 of the 18 ends.

Dave, Wyn and Terry experienced a bad start losing a 7 on the first end, though gaining a 4 themselves on the next.  After that shots were hard to come by until an 8 shot rally in the last three ends - losing 15-24.

Jim, Jenny and Brian were always very close and via a 6 on end 6  leading by 1 at half way.   13 all at 13, 14 all at 15 and just slipping on the 17th end to lose 16-19, also reflected with Benfleet winning 10 of the ends..  A little more luck and skill needed from Brian and ............!

21/6/19 - v Wickford Away, won 5-2, 53-46

Bumpy, slowish, a wandering rinks green!.   Five absentees due to holidays abroad , Eddie in hospital; and two ladies playing in County pairs, however thanks to subs Rex and Gary we fielded a winning team.  Well done, now with 30 points from a max of 56 and concluding our June matches.

Jean, Norman and Brian 15-5 by the end of the 11th end, losing just one end but it was a 5!   The wheels came off for a while but a fair finish meant a 19-12 shot win.

Jim, Wyn and Gary had a good lead at half way but a four and two singles put Wickford 2 shots up starting the last end   Was Gary's last shot lucky or brilliant - 3 scored with the very last wood to win 17-16, very well done.

Peter, Tony and Rex were 5-12 down at half way-out by the 15th were 1 shot ahead, but Wickford rallied and   just squeezed home by 1 shot - the final score being 16-17.



13/6/19 - v South Benfleet home, won 4-3, 50-43

Rain held off against a strong Sth Benfleet team, and we performed well all round to keep us in the middle of the league table,  scoring 25 out of 49 points.  A really enjoyable close match. No loss of concentration at the end - we won the last two ends on all three rinks for 10 shots and the bonus point - very well done.

Jean, Jenny and Brian playing against well known competition winners and won 10 of the 18 ends but the opponents scored three 3's at various times in the match and they were crucial against our many 1's - we lost 13-17

Norman, Wyn and Jim had a very close match within a couple of shots throughout, drifting behind by 4 shots by the 16th but a 3 on the 17th and an exciting 1 on the last meant a terrific 14 all draw, and ends shared 9 each.

Peter, Dave and Terry off to a cracking start with 9-0 in first three ends, and continued in the same vein to be 17-5 up by the 12th end.  The opponents hit back a little but we finished with a 23-12 win, a great result and contribution to the overall bonus.



7/6/19 -away to Rayleigh, lost 2-5; 41-43

Pity, just dropping the bonus point, losing in the last end on all rinks (5 shots).   A horrible wet evening against the top of the table club.

Norman, Tony and Val dominated opponents winning 22-5

Peter, Wyn and Jim losing 8-17

Barbara, Dave and Terry only one shot down at 12 ends but only winning one more end and losing 11-19




30/5/19 - v GP Murrayfield away, won 6-1,  49-22

Terribly slow, rubbish green hardly fit to play bowls on. For most it was little more than chuck it and hope.   Our opponents could only turn out two triples, so not a great evening but six points is excellent and 10 extra shots from the missing opponents rink.   After 5 matches, , 19-16 is a good points score.

Dave, Val and Terry, won easily 25-8.  The opponents lead was a new bowler and never reached the minimum jack length so really took no part in the match except blocking.    

Jim, Jenny and Brian always behind until gaining a draw with a 3 on the last end - 14 all.    We won fewer ends but scored more heavily in them so a draw was probably flattering to us.   An evening to forget.

24/5/19 - v Runwell Hospital, away, lost 2-5

Lovely evening, fairly quick green, and two points taken from the 2018 division winners - well done Val's team

Norman, Wyn and Val 1-14 down after 7 ends.  The an astonishing come back winning all but one of the remaining ends , 15 all on last end and seat he'd the win 16-15     Very well done indeed. 

Jean, Jenny and Brian were looking OK at 6-3 up after 6 ends but then lost 9 ends on the trot to slide to a poor defeat - 7-22.

Barbara, Dave and Terry were close for quite a while then slipped away at the end to lose - Brian even lost the score card so this report will be corrected later.

16/5/19 v Castle Point A , home - won 7-0, 54-43

Brilliant win!   Some big swings, and good skills from everyone.  Sunshine , a cold wind and nice speed rinks, what more could one want!

Peter, Wyn and Val struggling and 6-14 down after end 13.  Then winning every end, including two 4's to win 19-14   Amazing and very well done indeed by all, playing an all male opposition.

Barbara, Dave and Terry with a long run of winning ends up 14-5 at the 12th and managing to stave off an opposition fight back winning 16-14.   Well played!

Jean, Jenny and Brian scored an early 5, then had a bad patch in the first half with the opposition scoring 8 shots in 3 ends but otherwise only making  ones.  Our strong play with medium length jacks in the early part of the second half provided sufficient margin to win 19-15.

9/5/19 - v South Benfleet B - won 4-3; 48-51

A great performance by all, with 5 ladies in the team!  A very close match, with the overall result depending upon the last end of the last match.  A heart lifting match and well done team indeed.

Jean, Jenny and Brian's match was within a shot or two for the whole game, but after 11-13 down on the 13th end, we won all the last 5 ends by one shot to win 16-13

Barbara, Dave and Terry off to a cracking start of 7 shots in 2 ends, but the opponents caught up and the match was always close, down by one shot on the 17th, we scored 2 on the last for a 18-17 win.

Norman, Wyn and Val 5-14 down at half way but rallied well to reach the last end just 4 down, and the overall match score level.   Val played the right power shots to try to dislodge the Benfleet one shot but  it just didn't work - 14-21 loss.

2/5/19 - v Runwell Hospital - lost 0-7; 27-70

Runwell were 2018 1st division champions so we expected a whopping and got one!  Well done for trying and turning out when illness spread on the day causing late team changes.  

Peter, Tony and Norman 4-9 at half way, lost 8-22

Jim, Wyn and Terry 4-12 at half way, final result 11-22

Jean, Jenny and Brian disastrous first half, 1-18 at 9; then matched opponents for the rest of the game, 8-26