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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports Basildon "A"

16/5/19 v Castle Point A , home - won 7-0, 54-43

Brilliant win!   Some big swings, and good skills from everyone.  Sunshine , a cold wind and nice speed rinks, what more could one want!

Peter, Wyn and Val struggling and 6-14 down after end 13.  Then winning every end, including two 4's to win 19-14   Amazing and very well done indeed by all, playing an all male opposition.

Barbara, Dave and Terry with a long run of winning ends up 14-5 at the 12th and managing to stave off an opposition fight back winning 16-14.   Well played!

Jean, Jenny and Brian scored an early 5, then had a bad patch in the first half with the opposition scoring 8 shots in 3 ends but otherwise only making  ones.  Our strong play with medium length jacks in the early part of the second half provided sufficient margin to win 19-15.



9/5/19 - v South Benfleet B - won 4-3; 48-51

A great performance by all, with 5 ladies in the team!  A very close match, with the overall result depending upon the last end of the last match.  A heart lifting match and well done team indeed.

Jean, Jenny and Brian's match was within a shot or two for the whole game, but after 11-13 down on the 13th end, we won all the last 5 ends by one shot to win 16-13

Barbara, Dave and Terry off to a cracking start of 7 shots in 2 ends, but the opponents caught up and the match was always close, down by one shot on the 17th, we scored 2 on the last for a 18-17 win.

Norman, Wyn and Val 5-14 down at half way but rallied well to reach the last end just 4 down, and the overall match score level.   Val played the right power shots to try to dislodge the Benfleet one shot but  it just didn't work - 14-21 loss.

2/5/19 - v Runwell Hospital - lost 0-7; 27-70

Runwell were 2018 1st division champions so we expected a whopping and got one!  Well done for trying and turning out when illness spread on the day causing late team changes.  

Peter, Tony and Norman 4-9 at half way, lost 8-22

Jim, Wyn and Terry 4-12 at half way, final result 11-22

Jean, Jenny and Brian disastrous first half, 1-18 at 9; then matched opponents for the rest of the game, 8-26