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Reports Basildon "A"

24th June, v Wickford away;  win 4-3 league points.  Overall shots was 60-56

Nice weather but weird bumpy rinks with random wandering woods!  At half way the match already looked lost. However a  terrific team effort and persistent hard work to achieve a win.  Well done all.

Jim, Jenny and Terry, end rink,  were always just a shot or two ahead then 13 all on the 13th but a good finish with a crucial 4 meant a 21-14 winning scoreline.

Mike, Norman and Val were 10 shots down after 3 ends, conceding a 6 on the 3rd.  This was hauled back with 4's on the 10th and 11th ends to go ahead, then the opposition had 5 consecutive end wins to be 24-17 ahead, only to be pegged back again by a good finish from Billericay to keep the final deficit to 3; a 21-24 loss.  Persistent work on a very puzzling rink.

Ian, Graham and Brian also started horribly, 0-9 down after 5 ends.  Grumpy Brian's woods didn't go where they were wanted but the team  persisted and eventually improved, catching Wickford on the last end to get a 18 all draw.


23rd June v Castle Point C, Murrayfield Cup 2nd round - home win 57-38

Half way through, the game looked pretty tight with the teams only separated by a couple of shots overall but we stepped up our game to win convincingly,, winning on all rinks. 

Mike, Ian and Tony, a scratch team, struggled at first, 1-8 down after 6 ends then pulled level at 11 ends (9 all), then sprinted away to win 21-11 - well done.

Jim, Jenny and Terry with a close match, mainly slightly behind but finally taking the lead with a good 3 on the last - 17-15 win.

Jean, Graham and Brian - confident start 11-1 after just 6 ends, not so good middle so 12-11 up after 12, good finish to win 19-12.


17th June, v South Benfleet B, away, lost 0-7 league points

Very hot evening, accurate, good speed green and we were perhaps unlucky to loose by just by one shot on two of our rinks.

Jim, Jenny and skip Terry in a close game throughout, never more than 2 shots difference.  2 shots up for the last end,  our long jack but woods in the ditch, then the opposition holding 3 bowled the last wood, trailed the jack and very nearly gave it back!  Excitement!    Lost 16-17.

Mike, Ian and Brian always a little behind but a tight last end brought a possibility of winning with Brian's last wood - but a miss and a there just wasn't enough shots  - lost 14-15 

Tony, Graham and Val struggled and were only able to win 4 ends -  a loss of 8-24.


2nd June v Castlepoint , away - won 4-3 league points

Team absences meant reserves and emergency reserves, then a poor, very slow green, with woods wandering about but we scraped an overall win by one shot!  We finished much better than the opposition with a combined 12 shots over the last 2 ends. Well done as we usually lose to this team away.

Mike, Norman and skip Gary had a good first half 11-4 up at 10 ends, but slipped to 11-12 by the 14th then finished well to win 17-13.

David Goodall, Graham, and skip Brian were loosing 3-13 at half way but scored 10 shots in 3 ends to change the character of the game, eventually loosing 17-19.

Jim,  Jenny and Terry also well down after loosing the first 4 ends for 9 shots.  A good mid game run of 10 shots in 4 ends brought us back into contention and 3 on the last made a draw at 18 all.

13th May - Murrayfield cup 1st Round, comfortable win 66-35, winning on all rinks

Jim, Norman and skip Tony had a bit of a up/down swings match heading 10-5 at 6 ends,  then 17-9 at 12, to 18-20 down at the 17th after dropping a four.  Then a magnificent three on the last end to sneak a 21-20 win

Graham, Jenny and skip Terry always in control helped by a 6 on end 12, and cruising to a 25-6 win.  I was privileged to see the shot of the day by Terry, with the opposition holding very close to the jack and Terry's last wood being a wonderful draw through many shorter bowls to win the end.

Jean, Ian and skip Brian just a little better and consistent than the opposition moving slowly ahead for a 19-9 win.  Good leading by Jean.


12th May, v Rayleigh, Home, win 5-2 league points

A pleasant though sometimes dark cloudy evening, a bit cold and our second match and another win, complete with bonus point 48-39.

Mike, Graham and skip Brian won 12 of the 18 ends , 17-9 shots.  Mike's good leading made the difference and though the opposing 2/3 Davey wife/husband combination showed their excellent skills, our advantage of 'woods in the head' shone through.

Jim, Jenny and Skip Terry were always in front  and in control, winning 20-11

Tony, Pam and Val were 5 all at the 8th end  but the opposition got more of a grip in the second half and ran out  19-11 winners


5th May v Castle Point, Home, win 4-3 league points

Rather cold, always tricky first match and slow green, but well done with a win against a good first division team.  We won on two rinks  but lost the bonus point by one shot only 47-48

Jean, Ian and skip Brian off to a good start with a five in 2nd end and 13-2 at half way - the opposition then hitting back but we closed out the match  winning 18-12

Jim, Jenny and Skip Terry, always in front and when the opposition closed up, we scored two 4's to run out 20-14 winners

Tony, Norman and Val started well, 5-2 infront after 6 ends then the opposition moved away and with the help of a 5 and a four, won 22-9