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Reports Chelmsford "A"

28th July v South Woodham Away, win by 3 shots, 2-1 rinks and 8-2 league points

Horrible evening, rained throughout, one stoppage during the hards stuff, stickers coming off and soaking clothes/shoes.  Noticeable for the amazing brilliant double rainbow from horizon to horizon that lasted at least an hour.   The individual rinks will be reported once the score cards have dried out and made legible.  

Gary, Dave, Terry Pinhey, and Jim; (lead)  Won

Chris, Ron, Mel and Ian; won

Brian, Graham, Steve and John; lost


21st July, v Falcon B, Home, Win, 55-43 shots, 2-1 rinks and 8-2 league points.  Well done team to keep the overall score in sight for the extra four winning points.

Ian , Mel, Ron and Chris leading 10-6 at half way but Falcon B finished stronger with 5 shots on the last two ends to win  - score 14-20

John, Roy, Graham and Brian stuggled to keep in front with only 9-8 by the 11th end.  The opposition were then held with no score for 6 ends, with us picking up 10 shots, a decisive factor and though they came back, the game was won 18-14

Jim, Steve, Ken and Gary had a good grip on this game and the opposition only mustered a few shots in the middle third of the match so a good 23-9 win.


14th July v Danbury away  win , 79-40 shots, 3-0 rinks and 10-0 points.

A dominating win on a very poor green.

Ken, Winston Ron and Roy off to a bad start 1-11 down in 5 ends then a big turn around with us scoring two 5's and a four, running out 25-19 winners.

Brian, Graham, Ian and John dropped a 5 on the first but then quickly  ahead, only losing 7 ends, for a 27-14 win

Gary, Jim, Steve and Dave dominating this rink only loosing 5 ends and a 27-7 crushing victory.


7th July, v RHP, home win 51-45 shots, 1-2 rinks, and 6-4 on league points

Brian, Graham, Roy and John being beaten by half way 4-12, then getting better to 13 all on last end to lose by two shots 13-15

Ken, Winston, Mel and Ian level at half way but not scoring for 6 ends result losing 14-20.

Gary, Dave Terry P and Jim dominating with a good lead at half way 15-5 and pressing to 24-10 to give us the overall shots for 4 points.


June 9th, v RHP, home, win, 59-47 shots, 2-1 rinks and 8-2 league points.

Gary, Dave, Roy and Jim - a game of big swings and inconsistency being 5-12 down at 7 ends, 17-13 up at 15 ends then losing 20-24.

Brian, Graham, Mel and John steadily built a lead, with no significant scores against.   Final score 24-11

Ken, Chris, Ron and Ian off to a good start, up 11-1 after 8 ends but the opposition slowly closed the gap with Billericayhanging on for a 15-12 win - a match where no score was made over 2 shots.


June 2nd v Danbury, Home, win, overall 77-45 shots, 2.5- 0.5 rinks and 9-1 league points.

Brian, Graham, Derek and John  had a close game with the sides never more than 2 shots apart.   The end result a draw at 19 all was a fair result.

Chris Winston, Ron and Mel were 29-2 ahead by the 14th end - their opponents managing only one score.   We then slipped a little but complted a very convincing win at 31-11

Gary, Jim, Terry Dave Wood also gained an early big lead , 16-2 after 7 ends. Again convincing winners by 27-15.


May 26th v Falcon , Away  Win, overall 57-17 shots, 2-1 rinks and 8-2 league points

Slow rink, cold , horrible evening.

Gary, Dave, Terry Pinhey and Jim off to a poor start, well behind but crept back to take the lead on the 19th with a shock 5, and won 21-5

Brian, Graham, Steve and John held a 7 shot lead by the 16th end but then failed to score again, loosing on the last end by 1 shot - 15-16.

Chris G, Winston, Roy and Ian off to a bad start, 8 shots down in 4 ends but then scored a 4 then a 5 to go in front by 8!  Falcon struck back but it wasn't enough and Billericay won 21-17 - a game of large swings.  


May 19th v South Woodham, Home Win, overall 58-45 shots, 2.5 - 0.5 rinks and 9-1 points

Close match on  a horribly cold night.  

Brian. John, Graham and Roy always well ahead and slipped a little near the end to win 21-11

Ken, Ron, Mel and Ian, very close match, just 1 shot in it for most of the game with Billericay gaining 1 shot on the last to draw 17 all

Gary, Dave, Derek and Jim behind until the 17th end then a sprint to win 20-17.


May 12th v Stock, Away - loss, overall 45-59 shots; 1-2 rinks and 2-8 points.

Gary, Dave W, Jim and Mel kept in touch till half way with the stock first three bowlers doing the damage, then faded away to loose 15-24.

Winston, Chris, Ron and Steve N  behind after dropping a 4 on the 6th end and though rallying well for the last 4 ends lost 13-22

Brian, John F, Roy and Derek  shared the ends with their opponents but scored heavier whilst restricting their opponent to only 3 ends with more than 1 shot.  Teams members all contributed with at least one getting in for the majority of ends- well done.  Their skip G Peters saved a lot of shots limiting our win to  17-13


May 5th v Ingatestone Home, loss overall  50-51 shots, 2-1 rinks; 4-6 points

Chris, Winston. Mel and Ian - three ends and 5 down but a slow recovery in a vert tight game, with only one shot difference most of the time. Both sides scored 5 shots in the last 4 ends but we ran out winners 17-16 - well done.

Gary, Dave,Jim and Derek ahead after 5 ends but a middle very lean patch meant the visitors moving to a 7-20 lead by the 15th.  Final result a disappointing 11-22 loss - opposing skipper Peter Dodson dominating.

Brian, John, Graham and Stephen off to a good start with a 5 on the 2nd end.  Close at half way but we finished well to win 22-13