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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports Chelmsford "A"

Burnham 'A' 5th June - Away

Lost 3-7     49 shots to 67

P. Phillips, S. Hewish, J. Collins, G. Kendall :    17-17

W. Lansiquot, D. Dowling, T. Dalton, R. Green: 13-32

N. Bunce, R. Kreamer, D. Wood, T. Cannon      19-18

Terry's rink ended with a winning score, and for the first 14 ends they stormed ahead with everyone doing their part and playing very well. However, the opposition raised their game considerably and the Billericay team only managed one more shot on the remaining ends.  Fortunately they had got well ahead during the earlier part of the game which resulted in a win, albeit close!  However, a win is a win and everyone enjoyed the game.

Roy's rink had a struggle overall but they were up against a very strong side. For the first 5 ends Billericay held their own, but from then on it was hard work, with the opposition scoring multiples of 5, 4 and some 3's. At end 20 the score was 9-32 and our team must have been feeling a bit despondent to say the least, but to their credit they finished on a high by scoring 4 on the last end! Well done team.

Lastly, Gary's team - well, what a tussle they had! At end 6 they were 9-1 ahead. They held their lead until end 16 when Burnham equalled the score - 12-12 and all to play for! What an exciting game this must have been! The opposition began to pull ahead at that point but we kept the score close and finished by gaining a 3 on the last end, resulting in a score of 17-17. Very well done team for your efforts.

Finally, I would like to thank those members of the 'B' team who agreed to play for us, particularly as it entailed a long winding journey to Burnham.




Falcon "A" 29th May  Home

Lost 2-8     51 shots to 53

T Dalton, J Friend, B Hyland, G Kendall   23-15

D Goodall, D Wood, T Cannon, E Dennison   14-19

N Bunce, J Collins, R Green, R Hobbs     14-19

A narrow two shot defeat but only eighteen ends played because of the overcast skies.

Gary's rink stormed into a fifteen shot lead after eleven ends but only scored one more shot on the last seven, but managed to win by eight to secure our two match points.  Rex's rink 4-13 down after eleven ends then scored ten on the next three to go one up only to lose the next four to go down by five, Eddie's rink 10-10 at eleven ends faded over the last seven to lose by the same score.           Eddie D

P.M.L. Home 22nd May

Won 8-2    70 shots to 54

T Dalton, D Wood, B Hyland, G Kendall    29-14                                                                                                                                          A Tofts, J Friend, R Green, R Hobbs          26-20                                                                                                                                         D Goodall, D Palmer, T Cannon, E Dennison      15-20

Gary's rink 7-1 up to 7-8 down but then took control of the game to register an emphatic 15 shot victory.  Rex's rink did likewise pulling back from 7-14 down to 22-20 up after nineteen ends then winning the last two by 2 shots on  each.  Good fight backs on both rinks ensuring the eight match points. Well done.   Eddie's rink started well then fell away to 9-19 but recovered to lose by 5 shots.                  Eddie D

Great Baddow "B" Away 15th May

Lost 2-8    46 shots to 68

D Goodall, D Palmer, T Cannon, E Dennison    16-15

A Tofts, J Friend, R Green, R Hobbs     19-23

T Dalton, M Yates, D Wood, B Hyland    11=30

A much more pleasant evening than the previous Wednesday and although we lost the match 2-8 we remain joint top of the division but sharing the position with five other clubs. 

Eddie's rink started well, 7-1 up after six ends then lost the next three to fall one behind but recovered to lead 16-12 with three to go. They then lost these by one shot on each but with the last wood of the match Eddie drew second wood to secure a hard fought victory.  Rex's rink conceded a six shot lead to go into the last end three down, but holding the three shots for a draw the opposing skip then promoted one of his shorter woods with his last wood of the game to win the end by one shot and deny us a match point.              Brian's rink found the going tough winning only two of the last eleven ends.

Eddie D

Writtle "B" Away 8th May

Win 8-2   64 shots to 37

D Goodall, A Tofts, T Cannon, G Kendall   24-9

N Bunce, R Kreamer, J Collins, R Hobbs   25-12

T Dalton, J Friend, E Dennison, B Hyland  15-16

Wet mats, cold wind and rain, yes, summer bowls has arrived to make an unpleasant start to our Chelmsford & District League campaign which was agreed for eighteen ends only due to an overcast dark sky. 

Gary's rink romped into an 18-1 lead after ten ends to win by 15 shots, and Rex;s rink, leading 9-8 after nine ends came on strong to win the second half 16-4 for a 13 shot victory.   

Brian's rink  were 9-9 after ten ends and leading by one shot going into the last, but with the last wood of the match the opposing skip drew another one in to give them their two match points, 

Eddie D