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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports Chelmsford "A"

Writtle 'B' 14th August Away

Lost 0-10       37-61

D Mersh    T Martin    R Green    T Dalton    11-30

A Tofts       S Nichols  J Friend    J Collins    11-15

N Bunce    D Goodall  D Wood    T Cannon  15-16

Tony's rink - Their very sluggish start found them 15-0 down by end 5. To their credit they began to win some points, but the opposition was too strong for them and the end result of 11-30 came as no surprise.  Hard luck team. 

Jim's rink - We got off to a quicker start than Writtle and were leading 4-1 after end 3. (Promising!) However, the score was soon evened up at end 7, to 6 all. All to play for but, with five ends and no score for us, our opponents went ahead and pulled out a win, 15 to our 11.   Again, well done to our team for keeping the score close.

Lastly, Terry's rink - We raced away with a head start and at end 6 the score was 10-2!  However, they then began to make a fight of it and the score at end 15 was 14-14. It was unfortunate or rather unlucky that finally only 1 point separated us. It was one of those games where it could have swung either way. However, a loss is a loss (no cigars!) but well done to my team also for a close result.

To end this report, I just want to make a few comments. A big 'thank you' to Steve Nichols, Dave Mersh and Tony Martin for coming to our rescue and playing for us when some of our 'A' team players were unavailable. Without their help, we would have been forced to concede the game. For the last two games we have had 4/5 of our key players absent and this was inevitably reflected in our poor results, 0-10 for both games. 

Next year we can only hope that we will be in a position to start the season with a squad of 16 players + 2 reserves. Unfortunately, this year's poor performance has resulted in our being relegated.

Finally, I would like to thank those of you who made themselves available for as many games as possible. It was greatly appreciated.




Ingatestone 'A' 8th August Home

Lost 0-10  46 shots to 72

N Bunce     T Dalton       J Collins    B Hyland   15-30

D Goodall  W Lansiquot  D Wood    T Cannon  19-23

N Burrus    J Friend         R Green   R Hobbs    12-19


Brian's rink - They forged ahead early but the opposition did not lose touch and at end 6 the score was even at 8-8. Unfortunately we failed to score in the next 4 ends and Ingatestone capitalised and scored 11 shots to give them a substantial lead. We got back into the match again by scoring 5 shots bringing the score to 13-19. Unfortunately that was the closest we could get to our opponents who, to their credit, went on to gain another 11 shots and we just could not make up the deficit. We obviously did our best on the day but they played very well to win 30 to our 15. Well done to our team who had a struggle throughout.

Terry's rink - Well this was a close-fought game. We started a bit slowly and found ourselves 0-5 down by end 3!  We managed to find 4 shots in the next couple of ends, but Ingatestone were definitely on the ball and achieved a few multiples giving them a well-earned lead of 17-4 by the time we were half way through the game. This must have been a wake-up call because we clawed ourselves back into the game and scored very well from then on to bring the final score up to 19-23. That was an admirable recovery so well done to our team!

Finally, Rex's rink - Again we got off to a very slow start and when you find yourself down 0-7 by end 5 you are on the back foot and a lot of effort is required to catch the opposition! Having said that, we started our recovery and managed to keep the score fairly close with the final result being 12-19.  We all know Ingatestone 'A' to be a strong side and, as always, we did our best, so well done to our overall team for their efforts.




PML 31st July Away

Lost 2-8   47 shots to 73

N Bunce          T Dalton    J Collins    G Kendall      20-12

D Goodall        A Tofts      T Cannon   B Hyland       9-41 

W. Lansiquot   T Pinhey    R Green    R Hobbs      18-20

Gary's rink had a very good game and raced ahead from the very start leading at end 3 with a score of 5-2. There were four ends where we failed to score a point and PML took advantage, albeit with 1's, so that at end 9 they took the lead. However our team got their mojo back and pulled ahead once more and they held the advantage right until the end, achieving a win, 20-12. Very well done to Gary's team!

Brian's rink had a disastrous result, but facing three seasoned County players which included what one can only describe as a wizard skip, it was an uphill battle from the start. Having said that, for the first 5 ends our team managed to hold their own. From then on, whatever we did, PML seemed to be 'flying' and in spite of our efforts they forged ahead to win handsomely 41-9. When we come up against a team like this, all we can do is 'hold our hands up' and say 'well done' to our opposition.

Last but not least, Rex's rink - this must have been a very enjoyable game, since it was closely fought and although our team went ahead early with a score of 10-8 at end 8, by end 15 PML had caught up and it was 13-13. Then we scored a 4 and, in a tit-for-tat fashion, they also scored a 4!  On the penultimate end PML's skip thwarted our our efforts with a super saving wood, thus denying us 3 shots! Someone had to win and it was they who managed to hold onto the lead to narrowly win 18-20. Hard luck to us and well done to PML!.

Finally, I would just like to say that I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are missing Eddie and look forward maybe to having him back with us next year.

Also in the last five games of the season I have had  four first team players missing and have had to use the 'B' team players. This cannot carry on for next season and the squad for the 'A' team needs to be considerably enhanced, if we are to maintain our position in the league. 






Falcon 'A 24th July Away

Lost 0-10   39 shots to 78 shots

D Goodall   M Yates   R Kreamer   T Cannon     17-24

T Pinhey    N  Bunce   J Collins    T Dalton         14-23

P Phillips   J Friend     R Green     R Hobbs         8-31

Terry's rink was just as alert as the opposition, with both teams scoring 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's.  What a good start! At end 9 they were 10-10.  Falcon pulled ahead but only slightly and we caught them up to level the score at 13-13. I would say that from then on the luck went their way and, managing to score two 4's, made the difference and enabled them to pull ahead and to achieve an overall victory of 24-17. I think our team performed well and stayed with the opposition for as long as they could.


Tony's rink were down 4-0 after the first two ends but fought back and found themselves ahead in the 7th end at 8-6. Unfortunately they failed to score at ends 8, 9 and 10 and also 17,18 and 19. The difference between the two teams was only slight actually, but those six ends when we failed to score and they added 12 shots in those ends made the difference, and Falcon pulled ahead to win 23-14. Well done to our team for their efforts.


Lastly, Rex's rink. In his words 'a high degree of lethargy within the team coupled with sustained wizardry from the opposition number 3" contributed largely to our defeat 8-31. Rex felt that 'none of us turned up'. At end 10 we had not managed to score any shots.  It sounds like it was a very frustrating game for Billericay, but we should say 'well done' to Falcon and 'hard luck' to us. None of us can enjoy such an experience, but sometimes the opposition can be just too good.


Burnham 'A' 17th July Home

Won 6-4  52 shots to 50

P Phillips  J Friend  R Green   R Hobbs   16-18

D Goodall   M Yates  D Wood  T Cannon  18-11

N Bunce    T Dalton   J Collins  G Kendall  18-21

Rex's rink - This was a fairly equally-matched and hard-fought game and this was reflected in the final score of 16-18. Burnham got off to a quick start by scoring 3 shots by end 2.  However,  Billericay scored well over the next 6 ends and pulled ahead to 11-6. The opposition managed to achieve a 4 and 1 or 2 here and there and, although we managed to stay ahead right up to end 19, unfortunately the last 2 ends were key and the lead slipped away from us. However, it was a close finish so 'well done team'.

Terry's rink - Although again a slow start, we scored well throughout the whole game and were well ahead by end 10, with the score at 11-4. Burnham scored a few shots from end 17 onwards but failed to catch us. Very well done and everyone played their part. in achieving this victory.

Last but not least - Gary's rink.  After the first 2 ends Burnham were ahead having scored 4 shots, but they failed to score again in the next 4 ends. We managed to stay in front till end 12 when Burnham came back at us and ended up with a win - 21 to our 18. We had a strong team against us but as always we fought well and kept the score close. Well done to Gary's team!

I just want to end by congratulating our team on this victory, in particular because Burnham 'A' were undefeated before this game. A really excellent achievement.






Ingatestone 'A'  10 July  Away

Won 7-3   60 shots to 50

D Goodall, D Wood, T Cannon, B Hyland    16-16

N Bunce, T Dalton, J Collins, G Kendall       28-8

A Tofts, J Friend, R Green, R  Hobbs           16-26


Brian's rink did very well to hold the opponents to a draw. Play was very even for the first 10 ends and at end 11 our team drew ahead and managed to stay there until end 16 and, really, from then onwards both teams battled away and their efforts were rewarded with a draw, 16-16! Well done to our team for maintaining concentration and thereby contributing to the final match score.


Gary's rink - they had a fantastic win, so I am sure that a 'good time was had by all'!  By end 5 they were 7-1 up and really they just pulled away from their opposition. In the whole match there were only 7 ends out of the 21 when they didn't score. Very well done to our team!


Finally Rex's rink - They started a bit slower than the opposition, but at ends 5 and 6 they scored two 3's which really brought them into the match and into the lead. It was more or less 'nip and tuck' until end 12 when the opposition scored a 6 which must have been a blow to us. From then on we were on the back foot and, despite our efforts, and the score being even at end 16, they pulled ahead and we did not manage to score another point for the last 5 ends. Hard luck team, but well done for grabbing 16 points, contributing to our overall win.



Chelmsford 'B' 3rd July Away

Won 66 shots to 54

A Tofts        D Palmer    R Green    R Hobbs   34-11

D Goodall   J Friend     T Cannon   B Hyland  22-10

N Bunce     T Pinhey    T Dalton     J Collins   10-33


Rex's rink scored well and consistently throughout the match. The opposition had three good scores of 3's and a 2 but were really overwhelmed. Well done indeed for an excellent result.


Brian's rink - they were fairly slow to get going, scoring only 1 point in the first six ends. However from that point onwards they 'sprung to life' and scored consistently, which included a 4, two 3's and two 2's along the way. In the end, the score of 22-10 reflected their efforts. Well done team!


Jim's rink had a terrific struggle and by end 5 were 7-1 down. The opposition on the other hand managed to score some multiples of a 7, a 5 and some 3's, which made a come-back extremely difficult.They did have a few ends where they failed to score but these were few and far between. We can only say 'well done to them' but 'hard luck to us'!

Finally - an excellent win so very well done to our team! 


Chelmsford 'B' Home 19th June

Loss   4-6  53 shots to 62

N Bunce    M Terry        T Dalton     G Kendall     20-17

D Goodall  R Kreamer   R Green     R Hobbs      22-17

P Phillips   A Tofts          J Friend      B Hyland     11-28


Gary's rink - This was a fairly even match overall, despite the opposition getting off to a quicker start and being 15-5 ahead at end 11. However they failed to score any points on the next 5 ends and our team managed to catch up with a score of 11-15 by end 16.  From then on Gary's team held their concentration well and scored some multiples, resulting in a creditable win of 20-17. Well done to that team !

Rex's rink - Despite our strong start scoring a 3 on the first end, it was tit-for-tat with both sides scoring for the first 10 ends and at that point the score was 10 all. From that point on we managed to pull ahead and stay there. Well done to Rex's team for holding the opposition off and ending up with a win of 22-17.

Brian's rink - This was a hard struggle obviously against a strong team. Apart from our gaining 1's and 2's from time to time, the opposition just proved too powerful for us and despite our efforts the final score was 11-28.