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Reports CMBL "A" TEAM

Match Report for 15th June Home to Chelmsford 'B'

Result: Billericay 7 points, Chelmsford 1 point (overall score 42-37)

Selected Teams this week: Brian, Eddie, Jenny and Jean plus Val, Tony, Mike and Jim.

Val's team had a tense start as our players were working to find their usual form on the unfavourable rink 3 again!  Our opponents managed better to start with, scoring 9:3 at end 9.  Gradually with one shot scores and some two shot scores we climbed back to 12 all at end 18, being deprived of a five score by a firing opponent during the journey.  The team battled on with a potential victory in sight but both teams scored two each on the remaining ends.  Final score a draw with 14 points each and on reflection no complaints, happy with a draw to salvage one point.

All now rested on Brian's team to make the difference!  The team achieved a score of 15:0 by end 6, winning all the ends to that point.  A comfortable but not unassailable lead at end 13 of 20:9, after a come back by the opponents and then a nine point drop in two consecutive ends, whoops!  The team now held a score of 20:18 and all to play for, winning four of the last six ends, final score 28:23 in favour of Billericay, gaining the remaining six points.  Well done for turning the overall match around.

The end Tony.

Match Report for 8th June Home to Stock & Buttsbury 'B'

Result: Billericay 8 points, Stock & Buttsbury 0 points (overall score 43-22)

Selected Teams this week: Brian, Eddie, Jenny and Jean plus Val, Rex, Tony and Jim.

Welcome back Jean following your recovery, those inherent skills prevailed! 'No worries'

A warm evening and our best points score so far, maintaining our top of the league position but we do have some tough matches to come.  Well done to the teams for both holding our nerve in one instance and concentration in the other which will become apparent.

Val's team struggled this week in comparison with previous weeks on arguably a peculiar and unpredictable rink 3.  However on balance the team made a credible start at the beginning with consistent scoring achieving 14-5 at end 12.  Then the wheels came off and the next 7 ends were lost but only normally by 1 shot.  The opposition tactic of mat up and short ends offered them an edge surprisingly as our team normally fair well in those situations.  An interesting end 17 resulted in a draw with nil points to both sides after a contentious debate around measurement.  After end 19 the score was 14-12 to Billericay, too close for comfort so extra focus was maintained to score 2 on the last two ends.  Tony managed on the last end to sit on a long jack as we now controlled the length again and Val followed with a second wood meaning the opposition skip would have difficulty taking out both bowls.  One was taken out on the last roll.  Relief, a positive score of 16-12.

Brian's team gained a 6 on the first end (that helped) and then consistently scored throughout the match for 13 ends.  The opposition never mounted a real challenge and the result finally of 27-10 to Billericay well deserved.  Concentration played a positive part.

The end, Tony.   

Match Report for 1st June 2021 Away to Ingatestone 'A'

Result: Billericay 6 points, Ingatestone 2 points (overall score 45-31)

Selected Teams for this week: Brian, Dave, Eddie and Mike plus Val, Rex, Tony and Jim.

The green had been left longer than we normally expect but due to the recent dry weather the green remained quicker than imagined at first.  The greatest problem we encountered was the low sun and shadows in the second half of the game.

Another really good result though which puts the 'A' team top of our division currently.

Brian's team started well with a score of 6-5 at end 5, keeping the home side under control but then dropped a difference of 7 by end 9.  The teams were then fairly equal until the end, finishing 7 points behind, although the ends won by each team were virtually equal.  Score 15-22 against.

Val's team were more fortunate holding a commanding lead of 11-4 by end 6.  Our team won 15 of the 21 ends with the opposition hardly scoring in the second half.  The opposition struggled with a player substituted early with sickness and the opposition tactic of long ends played into our hands early in the game.  Score 30-9 in our favour.

General Note:

We have through mainly illness lost three players since the start of the season in addition to the normal holidays and other commitments.  Therefore the plan will be to target the selections for the season and discover where the shortfalls are to enable some volunteer substitutes to have ample notice.  Upon issue of the selections please ensure your availability is correct.  That you, Tony.  

Match Report for 25th May 2021 Home to Witham ‘A’

Result: Draw 4 points to Billericay and Witham

Selected Teams for this week: Brian, Jenny, Dave and Mike plus Rex, Jim, Christine and Eddie

Firstly thank you to Christine for stepping in and helping us achieve a commendable draw against tough opposition.

Secondly, thank you Jim for deputising last night and completing the score cards and report.

A good result for the whole team, well done!

Both Jim and Brian have completed reports posted below:

Jim’s Report:

Billericay managed a well deserved draw against a Witham A team.

On Rink 3 Eddie Dennison, Christine Shrubb, Jim Collins and Rex got off to a bad start being 12 - 1 down after six ends and gradually got back into the match getting to within 3 shots on 16th end.  They were holding 3 shots on the 17th end and Witham skipper took the end with his final shot.  On the final end Billericay held 4 shots which would have drawn the rink when the skippers bowled. The Witham skipper bowled reducing the deficit to 1.  Knowing we needed to move the skippers bowl to get the 4 we needed, Rex fired and moved the skippers bowl giving us the advantage again, unfortunately their skipper drew shot with his last bowl.  Score 14-19

On rink 2 Mick Yates, Jenny Hyland, Dave Wood and Brian Hyland were always in control of their rink at one time leading 16 - 8 but Witham came back at them with an exciting finish on the last end which would affect the whole match.  Billericay needing one shot to draw the match and Witham needing 1 shot to win.  At one point Witham were holding 2 shots when Dave Wood managed to remove both woods and take shot.  Witham skipper had what everyone thought was the match winning bowl but when it was measured was a 1mm short of shot.  Score  18-13


Brian’s Report:

Rex’s rink encountered excellent opposition and gradually slipped behind, the game having tight heads and a good standard.  However in the second half Billericay rallied well, crept up and at the end were only four shots adrift - 15-19.   

Brian’s rink was always ahead, generally playing long ends on rink No 2 - playing strangely well with the usual completely straight side.  The opposition started to control the jack with the mat up and the jack at the minimum 2 metres which sometimes proved more successful for them and they closed the gap to 3 shots by the last end.   A very tight measure, (which we thought we are losing) gave us the shot so we won by four shots.

One rink each, same shots so points shared 4-4.  Little sun, not too cold but nice tea and biscuits.


Tony D.


Match Report for 18th May 2021 Away to Great Baddow 'C'

Result: Billericay 6 points, Baddow 2 points

Selected Teams for this week: Brian, Dave, Jenny and Mike plus Val, Rex, Tony and Jim.

Well done to everyone as this was a very credible result first time out and away.  Considering the amount of rain recently the green was firm but resistant to the flow of the bowls in one direction we found.

Brian's team appeared to struggle at the start with a score of 10-2 against at the completion of end six but then scored 5 on end seven and then virtually static until end thirteen where gains were made in the last third of the match.  The final score 22-16 against, a difficult match but a significant contribution from the team to keep the score difference minimised.

Val's team were almost level at end five but the strategy of longer ends at this point paid dividends.  The longer ends were not desirable for    either Billericay or Baddow but we seemed to cope better and gained the advantage on most ends.  The final score 24-13 in favour of Billericay could have been worse on the last end as we were four down, but the nominated 'man of the match' Rex drove with his last shot to score an appreciated one!

Ready for the next one at home against Witham 'A'.