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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports CMBL "A" TEAM

13th August .v. Tiptree Jobserve    Away

Our final league game of the season involving a trip to Tiptree, playing a team virtually assured of promotion to the first division.  A disappointing result for us in a game in which either team could have taken points with just a few ends remaining. 

Val Dalton's rink (Barbara Rowland, Mike Yates, & David Palmer) got off to a flying start, leading 6-0 after two ends.  Steady play by the opposition, particularly by their skip Graham Heard, saw them catching up and securing a healthy lead by the half way stage.  We managed to come back, aided by some aggressive play by Val, and with just two ends to play the scores were level,  Unfortunately Tiptree scored a single on both of the remaining ends to win, the score being 16-18.

Tony Dalton's rink (Jim Collins, Hazel Smith, & Dave Wood) started in a similar vein, in fact leading 9-0 after four ends.  They continued to dominate the match until end fourteen.  In the final four ends Tiptree scored 6 shots to gain a  narrow win by just 3 shots. Final score 15-18.

Match result: 31-36 and 0 points.  As said above, disappointing to lose such a close encounter, but much heart can be taken from competing so well away against  this team destined for the higher league. 

We finish the season in mid league and this in itself I consider to be a highly satisfactory result. Competing for the first time in Division 2 we managed to win 50% of our matches (if we include the one conceded to us ! ). Added to this we reached the semi-final of the Shield having faced all Division 1 teams. We have a good squad who not only played well, but to me, certainly gave the appearance of enjoying  themselves, and an excellent team spirit prevailed. Sadly selection was at times  hampered by sickness and other issues, and at times it was just possible with newly recruited reserves to field a full team.  Hopefully we can keep the squad together in 2020 and, who knows, promotion  beckons.

My thanks to all members of the squad for your support.

David Palmer

6th August .v. Witham "B"   Home

Our penultimate league and a "must win" contest if we were to avoid relegation. 

Brian Hyland's rink (Jim Collins, Hazel Smith, & David Palmer) were always well in control, building up a healthy lead of 10 shots before Witham appeared on the score board.  With all of our  players making valuable contributions against weak opposition the lead continued to expand with the final result of 28-9.

The story was much the same on Rex Hobbs' rink (Tony Dalton, Mike Yates, & Val Dalton) with the opponents only managing to win five of the eighteen ends.  The result, a comfortable win 21-7.

The overall score of 49-16 and 8 points ensured for us a further year in Division 2 next year. Whatever the results from the other games this evening, at worse we are assured of not being in the bottom two places in the league.. 

Well done everybody - Tiptree next week - let's finish the season in style !!

David Palmer

1st August  Shield Semi-Final  .v. Danbury "C"         Home & Away   

Our successful run in this competition came to a sad end this evening playing against Danbury's strongest squad.

The home rink  skipped by Ken Pipe (Mike Yates, David Palmer. & Jim Collins) got off to a strong start leading 6-1 after four ends. Then calamity struck when we managed to concede a "hot shot" with all of our woods at least two yards short of a medium length jack. This gave our opponents the encouragement they needed for they took control and won all but two ends throughout the rest of the game.  The result a 25 shot defeat 8-33.

The home tie result was even more disappointing because of the superb performance of the away rink. Rex's squad ( Tony Dalton, Hazel Smith, & Val Dalton) ahead from the start, the team played very well against a team who knew the vagaries of their green, which was very interesting to play on.  Never more than 5 shots in the lead they managed to hang on to the end winning the tie 18-17.

Although a disappointing end to our run in this competition we must take heart from the fact that all of our games have been against 1st Division teams and therefore to reach the semi-final is a very commendable outcome.  Congratulations to all squad members who have taken part.  

Back to the league next week, with only two more games to play.  Hopefully we can return to winning form.

David Palmer

R.H.P."A"  Home 30th July

This was always going to be a tough match against team in first place in  the league table.  On an evening under threatening skies both rinks struggled against some excellent bowling by our opponents.

Tony Dalton's rink  (Nigel Burrus, Hazel Smith, & David Palmer). often holding a handful of shots suffered at the hands of the opposing skip who, whilst luck was certainly on his side, demolished us single-handedly.  Only winning seven ends throughout, the game was lost 16-24.

Brian Hyland's rink (Jim Collins, Mike Yates, & Val Dalton) suffered a similar fate, again with the opposing skip putting in a strong performance.  Although finishing strongly in the failing light, winning the last four ends and  collecting 8 shots, they lost the game        13-19. 

The match was lost   29-43  Again we failed to secure any points. We have in fact only gained 2 points from the last three games and this leaves us in a perilous position in the league. Depending on other results tonight we could find ourselves in the relegation zone. Only two more league games to go, one at home next week against lowly Witham "B" and the other away at Tiptree., so we must go all out for a good win next week.

David Palmer 

23rd July ,v, P.M.L. "A"   Away  

Both rinks struggled against a strong PML  squad on a slow green, but fortunately Rex's rink ( Mike Yayes, Hazel Smith, & Val Dalton) found the opposition's weakness and from a position where they looked doomed managed to scramble a magnificent single shot win.  Finding themselves trailing by 14 shots after the eleventh end, they managed to get the mat, giving them  the opportunity to shorten the jack length which enabled them to win eight ends in the second half of the game. Facing a 2 shot deficit starting the final end  Rex managed to trail the jack to our waiting back woods. The opposing skip was unable to draw, which meant that our final wood was not required and the game was won 21-20.

At the half way stage on Terry Cannon's rink ( Jim Collins, Barbara Rowland & David Palmer) the position was much the same, for whilst we had some excellent bowling from our "front end ", the accuracy of the opposing skip meant that on so many occasions he was able to convert the head in his favour.  PML finished very strongly to win the game  by 19 shots, the score being 11-30.

The match was lost 32-50. A disappointing result but we must be very grateful indeed for the 2 points. Only three league matches to go now and two of them at home, so hopefully we can secure our mid table position.

David Palmer

18th July Shield Match .v. Stock "A"  Home & Away

Still licking our wounds after Tuesday's defeat, we approached this fixture against first division Stock with a much changed  team, the selection of which was greatly hampered by a clash of fixtures.

At home Ken Pipe's rink (Nigel Burrus, Hazel Smith & David Palmer) although only scoring singles won 7 of the first ten ends to keep the match very close at 7-8. Again winning 7 of the final eleven ends they assumed control and emerged winners 23-17. Our opponents, who included three County or Ashford Cup players were, I believe, quite shocked at finding themselves in second place.

Away at Stock, Jim Collins' rink ( Winston Lansiquot, Mike Yates, & John Friend), again against a very strong rink led by Brian Sims,  did a magnificent job of keeping the scores close, Managing to close the gap to only 3 shots at the end, they completed the tie, losing by only 3 shots 15-18.

I do not often mention individual performances because this is a team game, but on this occasion I make an exception. Nigel Burrus, playing his first game for us, had an incredible game.  Well done Nigel. Also worth a mention with the aggregate scores running very close, we as the home team, played the extra end. Finding ourselves 2 shots down, Ken with his last wood played a perfect wood, the "shot of the match" to sit touching the jack.   I would also wish to thank Winston, John & Nigel for helping us out , when team selection became difficult.

Well done everybody, an outstanding result, which finds us in the semi-final of this competition. We shall find ourselves against either Ingatestone "A" or Danbury "C" on 1st August.

David Palmer

16th July .v. Ingatestone "A"  Home

After the euphoria of finding ourselves nearly at the top of the table, we were brought crashing back  down to earth. Ingatestone"A" , themselves struggling to find a way out of the relegation zone, came seeking revenge for the defeat we inflicted on them earlier in the season.

Terry Cannon's rink (Jim Collins, Hazel Smith, & David Palmer) were always struggling against an in-form team led very ably by Pete Dodson, 6-15 down after eleven ends they staged a fighting recovery to be within 5 shots at the fourteenth, but then managed to drop a 6 !!  the final score was 19-35.

Ken Pipe's rink (Dave Wood, Mike Yates, & Val Dalton) fared even worse.  Finding themselves up against the Paternoster duo and an aggressively playing Bernard Palmer, they were 17 shots down at the half way stage.   Ingatestone continued to dominate to the end, the result being 10-33.

This all means a crushing defeat by 39 shots - 29-68, and no points. A disappointing result, but we are not daunted.

David Palmer

9th July .v. Witham "A"  Home   Match forfeited by Witham

Unable to field a minimum of 7 players, Witham conceded this game and presented us with 8 valuable points and 10 shots.

This elevates us into 3rd place in the league, equal on points with the second team, and only 5 shots adrift.

David Palmer

4th July 1st Round Shield Match .v. Silver End "A" Home & Away

Drawn against this strong 1st Division team we emerged with an excellent result winning the tie by 7 shots.

The home rink ( Tony Dalton, Barbara Rowland, Val Dalton, & Rex Hobbs) controlled the game throughout. The opponents only won a total of seven ends.  Although losing the final two ends, conceding 5 shots, by this time we had the news from our away team that their match was tight, so this was not important.

The away rink (Mick Yates, Hazel Smith, Jim Collins, & Terry Cannon) got off to a great start and after eleven ends were controlling the game at 15-5. They the lost the next nine ends and entered the final end 5 shots down, but an excellent effort, because at that stage the result of the tie was virtually assured. They won the final end and the result was 16-20

The match won 40-33 means progression to round 2 where we will meet our neighbours Stock "A" who had defeated Witham "A"'    r

David Palmer

Gt. Baddow "C" 2nd July Home

Our return match with Gt. Baddow who were lying 2nd in the Table.

Terry Cannon's rink ( (Tony Dalton, Barbara Rowland, & David Palmer) got off to a flyer leading 9-0 after four ends.  They continued to maintain control, but the game was interrupted at the beginning of the tenth end when the opposing lead retired unwell. Gt. Baddow immediately introduced a substitute player, which action was questioned by me as Captain. After reference to the League rules the action could not be ratified, neither at that stage could an inspection of Bowls England rule book help.  To resolve the situation I agreed that that the game could continue with the substitute.  This all had little impact on play because we finally won the game 33-8.

Brian Hyland's rink (Jim Collins, Hazel Smith, & Ken Pipe) did not fare quite so well. Although neck and neck until the half way stage, they then conceded 9 shots in three ends and did not recover. The final score was 15-26.

The match result 48-34 gave us the bonus and reversed the score in our earlier encounter - 6 points to 2.

The matter of the substitution was referred to the League Secretary and, to date, I have had no response.

David Palmer

25th June .v. Tiptree Jobserve "A" Home

A good result at home winning the match 6-2   51 shots to 42

Rex Hobbs' rink (Tony Dalton,Hazel Smith, & Val Dalton)  were in control from the beginning and despite a blip in the middle of the game they emerged comfortable winners 29-15

Unfortunately Brian Hyland's rink (Jim Collins, Mick Yates, & Ken Pipe) who were well in command at the twelfth end leading 18-7, suffered some excellent play from their opponents who turned the game on it's head and they lost 22-27.

.This result sees us comfortably mid table as we now face the second half of the league programme where the majority of our games are at home.

David Palmer

18th June  .v. Witham "B"   Away

On an extremely wet evening when the Team Captains agreed to terminate the game after each rink had completed 14 ends, which constituted a legal match, we came away with a maximum.

Brian Hyland's rink (Jim Collins, John Friend, & Jenny Hyland) won 21-7

Rex Hobbs'rink ( Tony Dalton, Hazel Smith, & Val Dalton) won 19-8

An excellent result.  Apologies for this short report but I am on holiday.

David Palmer

R.H.P. "A" 11th June Away

Another tough away match, our fourth out of five, and against strong opposition.  A cold evening, on a heavy green  - not much going for us !!

Terry Cannon's rink (Jim Collins, David Palmer & Ken Pipe) struggled from the outset against a very accurate skip who made full use of his particularly straight woods. Never in the chase, losing fourteen ends, lost 10-24.

Brian Hyland's rink (Tony Dalton, Hazel Smith, & Dave Wood) put up a stronger fight, but were always playing catch up. Despite a strong finish the were beaten 19-25.

A match result of 29-49 meant that we came away pointless.

P.M.L."A"  4th June   Home

After a day of incessant rain we were blessed with a dry evening, albeit the damp green did not play as fast as we have come to expect.

Ken Pipe's rink (Dave Wood, Mike Yates, & Val Dalton) got off to a blistering star leading 9-0 after four ends, but only managed to win one of the next eleven to find themselves trailing 11-14.  Sharing the points on the remaining ends they completed the game losing    15-18.   Terry Cannon's rink (Jim Collins, Hazel Smith & David Palmer) after a hesitant start  dominated the game during the second half winning all but one end after the eleventh.They emerged winners 22-10.

A 6 point to 2  victory by 37 shots to 28 is a very satisfactory result against a strong PML team and will cement our middle of table position.

David Palmer

Ingatestone "A" 28th May   Away

We faced a very strong Ingatestone team which included both the Palmers and the Dodsons and played on their difficult green.

David  Wood's rink (Mike Yates, Hazel Smith & David Palmer) up against an in-form Bernie Palmer trailed throughout but managed to keep the score reasonably close, only going down by three shots at the end 14-17

Jim Collins' rink (Tony Dalton, Mick Delay & Val Dalton) bowled superbly and after scoring a 5 on the eighth end, followed by a couple of threes, built up a substantial lead, sufficient enough to secure the bonus points, Notwithstanding the fact that they dropped a 4 on the final end they emerged winners 23-15. 

This meant a win for the team 37-32   and 6 points which are enough to lift us from the bottom of the table.

Next week our first home game.

David Palmer

Witham "A" 21st May Away

One look at the very lush, heavily watered green and we knew that it was going to be difficult. Even the two opposition skips were overheard saying how heavy it was playing.

Having said this both rinks put up a very good performance before going down.  Terry Cannon's rink (Mike Yates, Barbara Rowland & David Palmer) were always in contention but the rub of the green certainly favoured the opposition who brought off some very delicate wicks to steal ends !!   The final score was 13-18

Dave Wood's rink (Tony Dalton, Mick Delay, & Val Dalton) also played a very close match before conceding 11-17.

So a defeat by 24 shots to 35 meant zero points for us. We always knew that life in Division 2 was not going to be easy, but with two difficult matches behind us now, I am confident that things will improve.  

David Palmer

Great Baddow "C" 14th May Away

Not the welcome to Division 2 that we were hoping for !!  Travel conditions meant that we were all late in arriving, but with 5 minutes to go before the start Dave Wood reported that he was just 15 minutes away.   A decision was taken to start the trial ends and the match hoping that he would arrive in time.  One hour and 40 minutes later he appeared by which time the rink in which he was due to play, bowling just 6 woods against 8, was 20 shots down.  We could, of course have  elected to bowl  three woods conceding 25% of the score, but decided against this expecting to have a complete rink early in the match.  Consequently Terry Cannon's rink (Dave Wood, Barbara Rowland & David Palmer) lost 8-26.      Fortunately some excellent bowling by Ken Pipe's rink (Tony Dalton, Mick Delay, & Val Dalton) finished an extremely tight match, in which the lead had fluctuated wildly, winning 17-12.                                                      In the circumstances very happy to come away with 2 points.

David Palmer