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Reports CMBL "A" TEAM

Billericay Bowling Club Reports CMBL "A" TEAM

CMBL 28th June Away

Result:  Billericay 'A' 8 points, Silver End 0 points.

Overall score: 51:22 in Billericay favour.

Teams:  Val, Jim, Jenny & Mike.  +  Brian, Tony, Winston & Jean.

Absolutely fantastic win after our run of bad luck and some past close defeats by a few points that could so easily have gone the other way.  So well done to everyone for the good play on the night that every participant contributed to in bringing home a worthy 8 points.  As the opposition captain said "we smashed them" but more importantly the team earned this motivational boost.

After finding the green location a challenge in itself, the team settled down to play on a very fast green close to an artificial indoor green.  Both teams struggled at first with the speed and peculiarities of the green.  Fortunately Brian's team managed to survive to score 8:1 by end six and Val's  team were virtually level at the same point.  Brian's team after a couple of no score ends romped away 'indescribably' winning a total 15 ends out of 21, final score 31:6 in Billericay favour.  Val's team made steady progress winning almost half the ends to be 20:10 up at end 17 but then suffered a nil score on the next last four ends finally beating the opposition 20:16.

'Keeeeeeep' smiling until next week at least when we play Danbury away and have a home and away cup match against Chelmsford.  The team is short next week due to some 'do' in Eastbourne and the Steward is skip, so good luck with that!  Seriously though no drop outs please.


Thank you, Tony.


CMBL 21st June Away

Result:  Billericay 'A' 0 points, Stock & Buttsbury 'A' 8 points.

Overall score: 31:37 against.

Teams:  Rex, Val, Mike & Jim.  +  Brian, Tony, Winston & Jean.

Always a competitive and sociable game at Stock on a pleasant summer evening.  Both our teams were in contention throughout the match this week against a theme of strong opposition again in this division.  A few excellent saves demonstrated by our skips during the match to maintain our score differential at a manageable level.  However whilst we were close to the jack the consistency of the opposition in just being that much closer proved a challenge.

In terms of ends won our teams proved the best, winning the majority of ends but Brian's team dropped a five and Rex's team dropped a six mid game.  Nevertheless both teams held a score of 15:17 down on end 20 with a chance of a win.  Brians team scored one on the last end and could have been more but! ending 16:17 down.  Rex's team dropped three, final score 15:20 down.

Therefore although 8 points down at the end of the evening the result could have easily been very different and the final score arguably did not represent some of our good quality bowls.  Well done to everyone.

Positive spin for next week, 'Keeeep' bowling, Tony.


CMBL 14th June Away

Result:  Billericay 'A' 0 points, Chelmsford 'A' 8 points.

Teams:  Rex, Val, Jenny & Jim.  +  Brian, Tony, Winston & Mike.

Always going to be a tough match as Chelmsford won the first division last season.  More like a ten pin bowling evening, a very heavy and sticky green with hardly any swing made real draw bowling a challenge.  'Chuck it down the middle'

Rex's team had a promising start equalising 11 all at end 12 but progress thereafter proved slow scoring 4 shots over the remaining ends.  Final score 22:14 against, disappointing after such a good start.

Brian's team won the first end with a lucky 'wick' from Tony but the opposition of course were well practised on the green whilst our team struggled to gauge the peculiarities of the green and the sudden deceleration of the bowl at the end of travel.  The team persevered against a strong side and scored a three on three occasions, only to be corrected by the opposition skip.  The team endured but to no avail, final score 31:10 against.  Pleased to get double figures.

Upside of the evening, Chelmsford hospitality.  Enjoyable after game drinks.



CMBL 7th June Home

Result:  Billericay 'A' 2 points, Tiptree 'A' 6 points.

Teams:  Rex, Val, Jenny & Jim.  +  Gary, Tony, Winston & Pam.

In the early stages the evening looked promising with a potential 8 points on offer but as the evening progressed the opposition became more familiar with the green and our wheels started to fall off.

Rex's team managed a 17:6 advantage by end 12 and were then held to winning only 2 of the remaining ends but held on well, to provide a valuable 2 points with a 19:17 win.

'Super sub' Gary's team started really well with a lead of 17:3 by end 8.  The opposition by now had judged that long ends would be to their advantage and to be fair the Tiptree front end were placing three bowls regularly on the jack forcing us into a position of fighting for second and taking bowls out.  We did manage to score two threes on the remaining ends however, resulting in a 34:23 loss but on reflection we did well to score the amount of shots we did.

Uphill trip but an enjoyable evening, Tony.


CMBL 31st May Away

Result:  Billericay 'A' 1 point, Great Baddow 'A' 7 points.

Teams:  Rex, Jim, Winston & Mike.  +  Brian, Terry, Jenny & Graham.

Thanks to reserves Terry and Graham for supporting and making a full team.

Rex's team managed a well earned draw after being down 15:9 down with three ends to play.  Result 15:15.

Brian's team suffered a difficult evening with a 28:9 loss.


CMBL 24th May Home

Result:  Billericay 'A' 1 point, Witham 'A' 7 points.

Teams:  Rex, Val, Tony & Jim.  +  Brian, Winston, Mike & Jean.

Rex's team managed to maintain a positive position against a strong men only team in the early stages, equalising on ends three and six with some high scores from both sides.  After two fours, by end nine the team were 14:10 up with everything to play for.  Unfortunately the team failed to score on eight of the remaining ends despite some skip saves, on the long ends put down by Witham in the soft conditions.  Final score 23:16 against.

Brian's team faired better initially nine up on end four, then dropped a five to be 11:5 up on end six.  Then similarly failed to score on the next six ends before regaining momentum and being 17:18 down on the penultimate end.  Last end showdown that entertained us and the visitors culminating in an 18:18 draw and earning Billericay our first point so far in the league, well done! 

A disappointing start to a predictably hard season ahead but we have the potential as demonstrated last year and in previous years, so look forward and hope our luck/form improves or we sack the Steward.

Good luck next week, Tony.  (Steward goes camping).


CMBL 17th May Home

Result:  Billericay 'A' 0 points, Danbury 'C' 8 points.

Teams:  Rex, Val, Tony & Jim.  +  Brian, Christine, Winston & Mike.

Eddie, the team wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you back soon, all the best from CMBL 'A'.

Welcome to the first division, a valiant contest entertained at the end with a triple rainbow as the storm passed in the distance.

As for the match, Rex's team after an initial 5 point deficit managed to draw level at end 7 and stayed marginally ahead throughout with a score of 19:17 at end 17.  Then came a long jack on the last end in Danbury's sweet zone and despite some good efforts to change the result we went down 4 on the last end.  Final score 19:21 against.  Good effort just unfortunate.

Brian's team again were level at end 5, then suffered by dropping a consecutive 4,4,5 & 6, difficult to recover in this situation but the team battled on and thank you.  Final score 9:30 against.

Like the other teams we are coming under pressure from some player non-availability for various understandable reasons.  To circumvent the potential issue I have approached and registered some additional players who may be able to assist 'occasionally' however, please try and be available as much as you can. 

That's all for now, thank you for the support, Tony.