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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports Chelmsford "B"

Billericay B v Burnham C. Wednesday 1st May 2019

Mel Terry, Gordon Cook, Peter Phillips and Mike Monk. 16-13

Nigel Burrus, Derek Dowling, Ron Kreamer and Mick Delay 14-22

Mike Field, David Mersh,Chris Garnett and Ken Pipe 34-8

An encouraging start with Ken’s rink eventually dominating after being only 5-4 after 7ends. It was a much tighter game for Mike who was 13-13 after 15 ends but they managed to win the last 3 ends. Not quite so good for Mick but considering it was 2-20 after 11 ends the final score represented a comeback.

64 - 43 and 8 points to 2

Billericay B v Lionmede B  Tuesday 7th May 2019 

Mel Terry, Gordon Cook, Peter Phillips and Mike Monk. 21-12

Mike Field, Tony Martin, Chris Garnett and Ken Pipe.  19-22

Nigel Burrus, Derek Dowling, Ron Kreamer, Mick Delay. 17-16

Another good performance but on all 3 rinks we struggled initially. Ken’ rink were 1-14 down after 6 and although they came back it was not enough to win. On Mike’s rink although it was 9-8 after 8 ends they pulled away to win comfortably. Mick’s rink were involved in a close finish but after being 6 down after 4 the final score represented a fine comeback.

57 - 50 and 8 points to 2

 Billericay B v Ingatestone B  Wednesday 8th May 2019

Mel Terry, Tony Martin, Peter Phillips and Mike Monk. 24-9

Derek Dowling, David Mersh, Chris Garnett and Ken Pipe. 23-11

Nigel Burrus, Barry Brown, Mike Field, and Mick Delay. 17-12

Our opposition played with one player short on two rinks and the above scores take that into account. Again a slow start but Mike’s rink were 5-4 up after 6 but then won 8 in a row. Ken’s rink were 9-10 down after 12 ends but then won five out of six to win comfortably. Mick’s rink had a tight finish at 17-16 but Ingatestone had their  score rounded down. Obviously although it was a miserable night weather wise the final score gave us our first ten pointer.

64 - 32  and 10 points to 0

Billericay B v Falcon C  Wednesday 15th May 2019

Nigel Burrus, Barry Brown, Gordon Cook and Peter Phillips. 19-14

Ian Burridge, David Mersh, Mike Field and Mike Monk  29-10

Mel Terry, Derek Dowling, David Johnson and Chris Garnett  20-18

Another good evening and special thanks to Ian and David who stood in at the last minute to mean we had a full team. We were also without 2 regular skips but Chris and Peter were equal to the challenge. On Peter’s rink it was very close at 15-14 but they managed to take the last two ends. On Mike’s rink they were very comfortable throughout and he has continued his winning run. It was closer on Chris’s rink who lost a 9-1 lead to be down 12-14 after 13 ends but came good in the end. The winning run continues with another 10 points. I did look at the league table after 3 games and we were in second place.

68 - 42  and  10 points to 0




BillericayB v Chelmsford C. Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Tony Martin, Gordon Cook, Mike Field and Mike Monk. 9-28

Nigel Burrus, Barry Brown, Ron Kreamer and Mick Delay. 10-27

Mel Terry, David Mersh, Peter Phillips and Ken Pipe. 24-13

Not a night to remember as Mike Monk lost his unbeaten record ( I knew I would put the jinx on him ). Mick Delay did not fare much better and the only bright spot was a convincing win for Ken’s rink. However we did manage to maintain second position.

43 - 68   2 points to 8


Billericay B v RHP B. Wednesday 29th May 2019

Barry Brown, Tony Martin, Winston Lansiquot and Mick Delay 11-14

Mel Terry, Ian Burridge, David Mersh and Ron Kreamer  8-15

Derek Dowling,Gordon Cook, Mike Field and Chris Garnett. 14-13

Three really close games with the opposition who were undefeated this season. On Ron’s rink there was only one point in it after 15 ends but our opponents took the last 3. On Mick’s rink it was nip and tuck all the way through and although it was 11-11 after 16 the opposition took the final 2 ends. On Chris’s rink it was a slightly different story as they were just ahead for most of the game but contrived to give away 3 points on the 15th end to level the scores. It finally went to the last shot to give us a win by 1.

33 - 42. 2points to 8

Billericay B v Stock C  Wednesday 5th June 2019

Steve Nichols, Robert Lock, Ian Burridge and Mike Monk. 21 - 15

Mel Terry, Tony Martin, Mike Yates and Ken Pipe.  22 - 4

Nigel Burrus, Barry Brown, Gordon Cook and Chris Garnett. 10 - 16

A good performance on two rinks gave us a convincing win and means we hold on to second place. On Ken’s rink they won all but 3 ends and Mel deserves a special mention for being consistently on the jack. Mike’s rink were in control for most of the game but did offer our opponents some hope after giving away 7 points. On Chris’s rink they were always behind  but through no fault of Nigel who bowled well throughout. And a special welcome to Bob Lock and Steve Nichols playing their first game in the Chelmsford League. They obviously contributed to a good win for Mike.