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Reports - Brentwood

Liberty v Billericay Result Thursday 27th May

Billericay won 2 and lost 2. 80-58. Points Billericay 4 - Liberty 4+1

Teams:-  Mike Field, Ian Burridge, Ron Kreamer    Billericay had a poor start and did not pick up a point until the 7th end 12-1. Liberty got a 3 on the 8th end and Billericay a 1 on the 9th end 15-2.  After that Billericay did not pick up a point until the 15th end and the score was 30-2. Billericay then got a 1 on the 16th and 17th ends 30-4. Liberty got a 1 on the 18th with a final score of 31-4 to Liberty.    

Team:-   Mel Terry, John Friend, Brian Hyland.  Billericay and Liberty were evenly matched on the first 6 0 with the score 5-4 to Liberty. Billericay then won the next 3 end making the score 5-10. Liberty pulled it back with a 1 and a 3 making it 9-10. Billericay won the next two ends 9-13.  Liberty then got a 1 making it 10-13. Billericay won the last 4 ends making the final score 10-20     

 Team:-  Graham Brooker, Norman Bunce, Gary Kendall.  Billericay had a delayed start due to Graham being held up on the road. Liberty picked up a 2 and a 3 on the 1st two ends. Billericay then got a 1 and a 6  making it 5-7. Liberty then got a 1. Billericay then scored a 3 with the score 6-10. It then went down hill for Billericay as they did not score for the next six ends and the score was then 23-10. Billericay then scored a 1. Billericay did not score again and the final score was 30-11.       

Team:-  Eddie Dennison, Dave Wood, Terry Cannon.  Billericay started off well with a 4, 5 and a 2. Liberty then got a 2 and a 1 making the score 3-11. Billericay won the next six ends 3-17. Liberty got a 2  on end twelve 5-17. Billericay got a 1, 1 and 4 on the next three ends 5-34.  Liberty won the last three ends making the final score 9-23.

I would like to thank all of the Billericay team for turning out.




Billericay v Brentwood Result Monday 7th June 2021

Billericay Drew 1 and lost on 3. 53-73. Points Billericay 1 - Brentwood 7+1

Team:- Mike Field, John Friend, Winston Lansiquot. It was a steady start from both teams. Billericay picked up a 4 on the 7th end to make it 8-3. Brentwood come back with a 3, 4 and a 1 to make it 8-11. Both teams plays steadily and it was 14-16 on the 17th end. Billericay came back on the 18th end with a 2 to make it 16 all. So the final score was 16-16.

Team:- Mel Terry, Terry Pinhey, Brian Hyland. Brentwood were 0-10 up after 6 ends. Billericay started to make a come back with a 2 and a 1. Brentwood then got a 4 making it 3-14. Billericay pulled back with a 2,1 and 1 to make it 7-14 on the 12 end. Brentwood scored  8  and Billericay 4 by the 16 end and score was 11-22. Both teams then scored 1 each and final score was 12-23.

Team:- Tony Dalton, Norman Bunce, Gary Kendall. Billericay had scored 3 by the 7th end and Brentwood had scored 8. Billericay scored a 3 and a 1 making it 7-8. Then it all went wrong with Billericay not scoring for the next 5 ends and Brentwood had scored 7 making it 7-15. Billericay scored 1 on the next 2 ends 9-15. Brentwood scored one on the 17th 9-16. Billericay were holding 8 on the last end when the skip reduced it to a 2 with his final bowl. Final score 11-16.

Team:- Graham Brooker, Dave Wood, Terry Cannon. Billericay got off to a good start and were 6-0 up after 3 ends. Brentwood came back with a 2 and a 1 making it 6-3. By the 10 end the score was 9-9. It was then even right through to the 15th end 13-13. Brentwood got a 2 on the 16th end 13-15. Billericay got a 1 on the 17 end 14-15. On the 18th end Brentwood skip fired at the head when Billericay were holding a few and killed the end. They replayed the end again and Brentwood scored a 3 to make the score 14-18.

Well done Billericay after playing  one of the better teams. 



Match report Billericay v Upminster Home Monday 14th June

Billericay Won 2 and Lost 2. 67-72. Points Billericay 4 - Upminster 4+1

Mike Field, Tony Martin, Winston Lansiquot  were 5-6 at 7 ends then dropped a few for the next three ends and were 5-10. Billericay got 1 on the 11 end 6-10. Then lost the next three 6-16. Billericay got a 3 on the 15th end 9-16.  Final score 9-20.

Eddie Denisson, Dave Wood, Terry Cannon got off to a good start and were 11-4 at 7 ends. Upminster scored a 3 to make it 11-7. Billericay started to pull away and were 15-8 at 12 ends. Both teams carried on scoring 1's and 2's which ended with a score of 18-13.

 Mel Terry, Roy Green, Brian Hyland got a very good start and were 11-1 at 7 ends. Upminster responded with a 1 and 4 11-6. Billericay came back and they were18-6 at 12. Upminster then got 4 and 3 18-13. Billericay won the next 3 ends 23-13. Upminster got 5 on last end 23-18.

 Tony Dalton, Norman Bunce, Gary Kendall Billericay got a 7 on the first end.  Upminster got a 1 on the 2nd end. Billericay were still pulling ahead by the 11 end 15-8. Upminster came back with a 6 on the 12 end 15-14. It was all down hill then for Billericay with final score 17-21