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Billericay Bowling Club

Reports - Brentwood

League Match played 3rd June, Away Billericay v Elm Park

Overall score: Billericay 0  Elm Park 9

The weather, sandwiches and drink after the match made for a positive upside towards the end of a disappointing evening.  Our valiant Eddie turned out to play but was obviously and by his own admission feeling unwell.  The paramedics arrived and Eddie spent his bowling evening in A&E.  Pleased to see Eddie is back home again and we wish Eddie a speedy recovery to his bouncy self.

Due to circumstances we only played on three rinks.  Jim, Alan and John led up to end 14 and then succumbed losing 10-20.  Gary, Mel and Dave started slowly then virtually equalised only to lose 5 on the last end with a hero or zero drive, score 14-21 against.  Terry, Ron and Tony were up against an excellent lead on the night but the opposition rarely scored more than one as we generally had second wood, but defeated in the end 6-18.

At home next week and should just about be dry so back to a faster green.

Tony D.



League Match played 20th May, Home Billericay v Kings Chase

Overall score: Billericay 2   Kings Chase 7

The predictions of a tough match were realised in our first league game of the season.

Our two points earned by Peter, Mick and Eddie, who were always ahead on the score card, winning 26-14.  Well done!

The remaining rinks comprising: Tony, John, Terry; Mel, Brian, Rex; and Alan, Dave, Gary all suffered early deficits that proved difficult to haul back losing 9-27, 8-20 and 9-28 respectively.  Whatever we did, we were taken out or suffered wicks.  Terry's team won the most ends of 7 to pick the positives and narrowly missed the washing up duties, 'technically' but Terry still ended up in possession of a tea towel!

Kings Chase have a few very competent players that as demonstrated can change the game but overall we played better than the result suggested and we can hold our own against many of their players.

Thanks to Wyn and Sheila for providing the rolls for the end of the match and Dave for facilitating the bar.

The food and drink is great consolation at the end of a match putting us in a positive frame of mind for our next match at Elm Park.

We tried our best, Tony D. 



Roger Burton Trophy played 17th May, First Round.  Billericay v Liberty

Firstly many thanks to our team of ten Brentwood players who made themselves available at short notice.  This knockout competition comprises two rounds plus a semi final and final.  Each round involves four teams playing rinks, triples, pairs and a singles played at home and away simultaneously.

The team had a rewarding win of 14 points ahead overall at the end of the evening and are through to the next round to be played before the 1st July.

The triples team of Alan, Tony and Brian struggled with the wet conditions at Liberty but maintained an increasing lead throughout the match and enjoyed a significant win of 29-9 at the end of the evening.

The pairs team represented by John and Dave had more challenging opposition but developed a lead early on until end '10' when the Billericay score stayed frozen in time until end '18'.  Then a score of 2 and 5 to equalise with Liberty.  Final score 20-20.

Terry playing the singles had a formidable opponent but managed to contain the score and offer the team overall the opportunity of success.  Well done Terry we know you like a challenge!

Peter, Mel, Eddie and Gary lead the charge with the normal 'razzmatazz' style which did not seem to work in the early stages but the lads crept back into the game from 14:5 down at end 10 to 17:10 down at end 15, then consecutive scores added 13, culminating in a win 23:19.  A hard fought comeback, brilliant and sealed a win for Billericay overall.

A good win and well done to all the players.  Looking forward to the next round!

Also a thank you to Ken Pipe for stepping in to mark the singles (and miss cricket).

Tony Dalton.